Q&A with Tiburon Town Manager Greg Chanis

Greg Chanis is now in his 9th year as Tiburon’s Town Manager, a role he says ensures the smooth and efficient operations of all aspects of town government. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Greg lived in Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania before heading West to sunny Santa Barbara, California in 2013, and finally planting roots in Tiburon in 2016.

“I am fortunate enough to live right downtown which allows me to walk to work every day, and often end my days walking along the waterfront with my wife Polly.”

Here’s a little more about Greg.

1. When friends and family who have never been to Tiburon come to visit, what top three things do you suggest they do?

a. Take the ferry to Angel Island

b. Walk Shoreline Park

c. Bike/walk the Old Rail Trail

These give people a good sense of the unique qualities of Tiburon. The water, the sky, the light, the downtown, and the walk and rideability of our community. These are all things I enjoy doing too and would enjoy doing with them.

2. If you had to pick a theme song for Tiburon, what would it be?

Pretty much any popular song from the late ‘70s or ‘80s because that’s what we hear from our home when there are outdoor events downtown and at Yacht Club events.

3. What is something about Tiburon that you think would surprise visitors and maybe even some residents to learn?

The rich history of the area including being the former home to Miwok Indians and thriving Portuguese dairies. The beautiful Shoreline Park area used to be the terminus of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, with trains traveling in and out of Tiburon until the railyard closed in 1967, just three years after the Town was incorporated in 1964.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you living the dream now?

I am not sure I have quite grown up yet, but in college I wanted to be a park ranger and ended up working in parks and land conservation for almost 20 years, until 2002. Am I living the dream? Let’s see, I live in Tiburon and walk to work where I am surrounded by an amazing group of staff and have the privilege of serving our residents. I meet interesting people visiting our town every weekend on the waterfront. I have easy access to miles of hiking and biking trails in greater Marin County. And I can take the ferry to San Francisco in less than a half hour if I want to go to enjoy some city time. I guess that’s living the dream!

5. What is the best piece of advice (about anything) someone ever gave you and how does it relate to your job today?

Listen more and talk less. I spend a lot of time meeting with a diverse group of people and the more I listen the better I can understand their needs and help them.

6. Fill in the blank: When I walk through Tiburon, I always find: beautiful views and someone visiting from another country.


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