From city to sea, adventure beckons in every direction.

Set yourself up for a spectacular Northern California experience, all from your home base in Tiburon by the Bay. From here, enjoy the scenic beauty of Tiburon by the Bay and all of Marin County, the urban landscape of San Francisco, and even California's premiere wine country.

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Whether you're staying at The Lodge at Tiburon or Waters Edge Hotel, you're positioned to get out on foot or on bike to explore Tiburon by the Bay.

Here are some ideas for how to spend a day or more hiking, biking, floating, connecting, and just being in Tiburon.

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There is nothing like the unspoiled beauty of Marin County. Hike through a redwood forest, dip your toes in the Pacific, explore quirky towns and soak up the singular Northern California vibe.


Start your morning with breakfast at Caffe Acri, a locals’ gathering place inspired by owner Angelo Servino’s hometown cafe in Calabria Italy. The views from this spot will say Amalfi Coast, and the special blend espresso says buon giorno! Salt & Pepper is also a great option for breakfast along Main Street in downtown Tiburon.


We call this the “Marin Loop”. On this day trip, you’ll experience the highlights of Marin County. This itinerary is arranged in logical order, but feel free to reverse it for the same effect.

Get ready to be wowed at these five spots:

1. Muir Woods. Plunge into the peace and beauty of this famous spot.

2. Muir Beach Overlook. Step out onto the edge of the continent.

3. Stinson Beach. For lunch in a restaurant or maybe a beach picnic!

4. Mill Valley. A classic NorCal town & a contrast to Tiburon.

5. Marin Headlands. Views! The Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge.


You’ll love returning to Tiburon by the Bay at the end of the day. You can chill out or continue to add to your Marin outdoor experience. Everything is easily walkable from Waters Edge Hotel or The Lodge at Tiburon, so park your car and enjoy a carefree evening in Tiburon by the Bay.

A few of our favorite things. Shop Main Street and Ark Row, explore a pocket of history on the Old Rail Trail, relax with a spa or salon treatment, or walk to Lyford’s Tower for a scenic view of the sunset and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Dinner in Town. Almost no matter what you’re craving, you’ll find it in Tiburon by the Bay: Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Classic American, Pizza, Fine Dining or even a DIY bayside picnic.

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No matter what your penchant - art, food, nature, shopping, grand sights, hidden gems, libations, gardens, hidden parks - San Francisco has it, and in a way you’ve never experienced it before. Go deep on one topic or plan to experience a little bit of everything on your day trip to San Francisco.


Enjoy an early morning walk up the hill to Old St. Hilarys, where you’ll see Tiburon by the Bay, the San Francisco Bay, and The City. Before you head up, why not get the makings of an al fresco breakfast from Woodland’s Market or Nugget Market?


It could not be easier to hop on the Golden Gate Ferry from the small and unhurried dock in town. Have your camera ready! You’re going to experience some of the most spectacular sights in the world as you pass by Angel Island, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge on your short trip to San Francisco.


Our favorite thing about San Francisco is the unique neighborhoods. Each one is filled with distinct homes, shops, views, parks, eats and other attractions. Go deep on one or two or plan a roving trip around the city sampling the best of each.

When you disembark from the ferry in The City - at either the Ferry Building or Pier39 - you’ll be right in the heart of San Francisco activity and can start your adventure right away. Get around by public transport (including cable cars, street cars, buses and underground), taxi, an arranged tour or by walking the hills and valleys that make up the landscape of The City.

Plan to spend an entire day exploring, and top it off with a meal at a world class restaurant, a local neighborhood favorite, or a classic San Francisco tacqueria.


Depending on your schedule, you can take a Golden Gate Ferry or a Tideline Ferry home to Tiburon by the Bay. In either case, the journey home is a wow part of the trip. The City lights behind you, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge lit up on either side of you, and Tiburon by the Bay in the distance. There’s nothing like it!

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Of course there’s the wine. But there’s also the landscape, the light, the beautiful tasting rooms, the food, and the people who populate California’s legendary wine country.


Prepare for your day in Wine Country at The Tavern inside the Lodge. You can’t go wrong with a full breakfast at this local gem, a long-time favorite of Tiburon by the Bay residents. By now you’re feeling at home in Tiburon by the Bay, you may even run into a new friend here!


Both of the famous wine regions are a short distance from Tiburon by the Bay: Sonoma Valley is about 30 minutes, and Napa Valley is about an hour And yes, you can visit both in one day. The drive between the two is beautiful!


Are you a wine geek? Wow, you have an amazing day ahead of you. Maybe you’re more interested in gardens and interior design? Wow, you have an amazing day ahead of you. Or perhaps you like a fun, relaxing day in one of the most beautiful spots on earth? Wow, you have an amazing day ahead of you.

When planning your day in Wine Country, we suggest developing a narrative. Visit the 5 most famous wineries. Or go the private route, and book several private tastings. Or stick with one varietal. Or visit the most design forward spots. This approach will keep you centered in a land of many choices. On that topic, we also suggest a driver, tour, or private guide. This will not only give you local knowledge, but will ensure a totally carefree experience.


No need for your day of wine enthusiasm to end once you’re back in Tiburon by the Bay, have a glass at Tiburon Wine, a fun wine bar on historic Ark Row. Another option is Tiburon's newest option Squalo Vino at 34 Main Street.

By now you’re familiar with the many dinner options in Tiburon by the Bay, choose your spot, and enjoy reminiscing about your perfect stay from your home in Tiburon by the Bay.

Home Base, Trip Planning Essentials:

Reserve your hotel in Tiburon by the Bay. Whether you choose Waters Edge Hotel or The Lodge at Tiburon, you’ll be perfectly positioned to explore Tiburon by the bay, and easily visit all of Marin, San Francisco and Wine Country. Both hotels are located easy walking distance from everything there is to to in Tiburon by the Bay and from our ferry dock.

Explore Things To Do in Tiburon to plan your day or days in Tiburon by The Bay.

Check out SF Travel’s website. We love exploring San Francisco’s neighborhoods, expect to go deep on 3-5 in one day. This site has a comprehensive guide of the neighborhoods. Plan to stay for dinner!

Visit Napa and Sonoma Websites for an overview of the area, winery listings, and great ideas for how to spend your day.

Book your spa treatment. We think a treatment in Tiburon by the Bay is a perfect way to cap off a day of outdoor activity in Marin. Or, start your day with a treatment before you head up to Wine Country.

Schedule your pick up time and location with Tideline Ferry. Taking a Tideline Ferry home at after your dinner in San Francisco is a treat! Experiencing the sights and lights of the bay at night is a must-do.

Arrange your Wine Country tour or driver. To maximize your fun in Wine Country, leave the driving to someone else. You can take it to the next level with a knowledgeable and experienced guide who will plan your Wine Country itinerary.

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