A watery welcome to the adventurous and the water-watchers alike

Wallace J. Nichols is author of “Blue Mind: The surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do.” He posits that “we know instinctively that being near water makes us healthier and happier, reduces stress, and brings us peace.”

In Tiburon by the Bay, we take this as fact. Being surrounded on three sides by water gives us not only lots of opportunity to recreate in the bay, but also contributes to the relaxing and happy vibe in here.

In Tiburon by the Bay, you can activate your “Blue Mind” by enjoying the bay from a bench along the shore, by competing in an open water swim, and everything in between. Here are a few ideas for creating the magic that happens when you connect with water.

Cup of coffee

A Bench With A View

We think the benches situated along the Tiburon shoreline are one of the Bay Area’s hidden gems. They are located along Old Rail Trail, facing Richardson Bay and along Shoreline Park, facing San Francisco, Angel Island and The Golden Gate Bridge.

Perfect for morning coffee, a moment of peace, a picnic lunch, or watching the life on the bay.

A head wearing a swimcap and goggles

Open Water Swim

Imagine slipping in to the San Francisco Bay from the shores of Tiburon. The San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, the beauty of nature all around, and you in the bay, immersed in the scene.

The instructors at Odyssey Open Water Swimming provide personal or group open water swim instruction based on your goals and ability level. While you're having one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of your life they’ll make sure it’s comfortable, safe, and fun.

If you’re already an open water swimmer, consider entering the Tiburon RCP Mile, billed as the world’s premiere international open water swim event.


Bay Cruises

Being out on the Bay at night is a magical experience. Floating on the inky black water and surrounded city lights, Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge lights, Alcatraz, and the twinkling lights of Tiburon, you are immersed in the grand scenery. You feel it and sense it, rather than just watching it.

Tideline Ferry offers a Bay Lights cruise and Angel Island Tiburon Ferry offers a Sunset Cruise in the summer.

Both companies offer a number of daylight options too. For a fully immersive experience, book each a day and a night cruise, to feel the different sensations and scenery on each.

Stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle

BYO paddle board or rent from 101 Surf Sports, and launch from the dock behind Sam’s Anchor Cafe. Check out this article, for lots of pointers for SUP in Tiburon by the Bay.

Fishing pole


Drop your line in at Elephant Rock or Paradise Beach State Park in Tiburon, and you might come up with a striped bass, sturgeon, flounder or even a shark. Check out pier fisherman Ken Jones’ blog for his experience at Paradise Beach and Pier Fishing in California for the environment at Elephant Rock.

More Tiburon? Check out the four-day itinerary!

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